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Chris Wade

America In The Morning (6a - 8a)

America starts the day with America in the Morning, an award-winning radio news magazine, because news doesn’t stop when you’re sleeping. America in the Morning offers up-to-the-minute news reporting from around the country and across the globe, with the latest local traffic and weather along with overnight developments in breaking news, politics, entertainment, business and weather, delivered first thing in the morning.

Program host John Trout and his staff of correspondents provide a fast paced look at the world, with specialized reports from where news happens. America in the Morning goes in-depth with analysis of critical events, and searches out stories of everyday life, with Jim Bohannon’s daily “The Offbeat.”

KWAM Variety Hour

The KWAM990 Variety Hour – Line-Up (8a - 9a)

Neal Boortz

The Dave Ramsey Show (9a-12n)

The Dave Ramsey Show is about life and how that happens to revolve around money. Real life - the way it really happens every day in America. Our listeners are looking for truth, for real answers, for hope. They respond to Dave’s tough love and appreciate the straight-talk.

Over the past 25 years, The Dave Ramsey Show has grown from a local show in Nashville, TN, to talk radio’s 3rd largest nationally syndicated show, with a combined weekly listenership of over 12 million.

CALL IN NUMBER: 888-825-5225



Neal Boortz

Marybeth Conley (12p - 1p)

Marybeth Conley is a mother and spouse, anchorwoman and entrepreneur, bookworm and beach-goer, prayer pal and community volunteer. During a distinguished television career as an investigative consumer advocate and news anchor with two CBS affiliates, she’s examined important issues and shared success stories from across the Mid-South. She’s the Emmy Award-winning co-anchor of Live@9 on WREG.TV. In business, she’s empowered others to take more responsibility for their health and wealth. As a mom, she’s nurtured four children ages 9 to 24 with her first and only husband. She’s interesting, informed and genuine. Above all, Marybeth believes we have just one ride on this planet, and we should all 'live life large.'

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Dave Ramsey

Clark Howard (1p - 3p)

No one knows more about managing money and how to protect it than Clark Howard! Clark teaches you how to save more,spend less and avoid getting ripped off!. As an author, reporter, and CNN Financial Consultant he is actively providing tips to better spend your money. He earned a Masters degree, built a travel agency chain, sold it, and retired by the age of 31. Join Clark Howard on “The Clark Howard Show”, weekdays 1 pm to 3 pm and Best Of Howard Clark, Saturdays 9p-12m.

Call-In Phone: 800-877-8725

Earle Farrell

The Earle Farrell 4Memphis Show (3p - 6p)

The radio show that isn’t like most Talk Shows-The Earle Farrell Show is about GOOD NEWS! Earle is a Broadcast veteran having been a reporter for several years with WREG-TV and a Morning Show Host on radio with WMC FM-100 in the early 80’s and currently seen in the mornings on FOX13 WHBQ TV. Earle’s show focuses on Memphis-its people, music and what makes Memphis great! Earle is one of the most creative broadcasters on the air today with a rich background in business having been involved in several well known restaurants and owns his own production company. Listen to Earle every weekday 3p-6p. He is sure to make you laugh and you never know who will turn up on the show!"

Tom Shadyac

Tell Me More with Tom Shadyac (6p - 7p)

Tom Shadyac is a Hollywood movie director whose blockbuster comedies (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Patch Adams, Bruce Almighty...) have grossed just under 2 BILLION dollars at the box office. In 2011, after a near death experience, Tom turned the camera on himself in the thought provoking documentary, I AM, which asks two questions: what’s wrong with the world and what can we do about it. I AM won numerous awards and continues to inspire viewers throughout the world. Tom also has a special passion for youth and has taught at numerous colleges and high schools, including Pepperdine, the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Memphis. His first book, Life's Operating Manual, quickly became a New York Times bestseller. He has appeared on numerous national television shows, including, Ellen, Oprah, The View and Real Time with Bill Maher, to name just a few.

Now,Tom is bringing his unique perspective to Memphis and the country with his new talk radio show, Tell Me More. Broadcasting live from Memphis' historic Soulsville neighborhood, Tom invites callers and live audience members to “come with a question” and ask about their issues, hopes, and challenges. In turn, Tom will offer a point of view that often transforms the listener. The heart of the show is centered around an age old truth; that the change in the world we are seeking comes from within. (Or as Tom likes to say, Change is an inside job!)

Tune in to Tell Me More. You'll turn the radio off a different person than when you turned it on.

Call in phone : 901-260-5926

Jerry Doyle

The Schnitt Show (7p-10p)

Todd Schnitt is an American conservative talk radio host. He describes himself as a "fiercely independent conservative with libertarian influence." The show consists of news, political commentary, lifestyle and pop-culture with sound bites and parody material. The show focuses on current events, lifestyle news, pop-culture and personal experiences. Schnitt was born in New York City and raised in Nanuet, New York and Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has worked in radio since he was a teenager and used the stage name MJ Kelli in hosting shows at the Hampton Roads, New York City, and Tampa markets from 1986 to 2012.

Norman Goldman

The Norman Goldman Show (10p-Midnight)

Norman Goldman spent most of his career practicing law in the State of California. His love of radio broadcasting, developed at an early age, was rekindled over the past five years while filling in for national radio talk show host Ed Schultz in addition to providing legal analysis for his daily radio show and his TV show on MSNBC. Based in Los Angeles, Norm now produces and distributes his own nationwide talk radio show which launched in late summer of 2009.

Politics and broadcasting have always been a passion of Norm’s from the very beginning. While still in high school, he was a radio engineer; news writer and on-air personality for New York University owned WNYU-FM (89.1) and worked there throughout his college career.
The NorMan GoldMan Show, where JUSTICE is served !

Phil Hendrie


In our 24/7 digital world, the news never sleeps. Neither do Eric Harley and Gary McNamara, who host Red Eye Radio - a five-hour nightly conversation with America airing Monday - Friday (1 a.m. - 6 a.m. ET), with BEST OF’s on the weekend. Eric and Gary teamed in 2005 to host The Midnight Radio Network and continue to bring their love of American life to loyal audiences across the country. Whether it's politics, history, music, or sports - if it's making headlines, Red Eye Radio is the place to talk about it.  Conservatives, Liberals, Tea Partiers and Tree Huggers are all welcome aboard Red Eye Radio's nightly excursion.

Call-In Number: 866-90-REDEYE

Doug Stephan

Doug Stephan (3a - 6a)

The Dough Stephen Show is growing everyday "Good Day" and the "Talk Radio Countdown" are available in the morning Monday-Friday on KWAM.